Chile: An unforgettable flight over the Andes

As we started our 2 weeks Chile/Argentina adventure we flew in over Santiago de Chile to Punta Arenas. Due to amazing weather conditions we were lucky to get a 4 hours view on the Andes. This was an amazing start in an unforgettable vacation.

The two week road trip covered El Calafate and Perito-Moreno Glacier. There, we spent two days in the Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia including the visit of the  Mirador de las Torres as well as Putre with the Lauca National Park, Salar de Surire and Atacama in the North of Chile.

As we wanted to see both parts of Chile, the South and the North, this travel plan was tough because it included also a flight from Punta Arenas in the South to Arica in the North. We spend a whole day driving and flying from Punta Arenas over Puerto Montt to Santiago de Chile, from there to Arica over Calama. Starting 5 am in Punta Areanas and reaching Arica by 11pm.

My recommendation in case you only have 2 weeks vacation time to spent, decide for one place either the North or the South. In September the temperature in Patagonia are -5 to 10 degrees and in  the North of Chile it is up to 35 degrees.

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