Chile: Finally in Puerto Varas

After our 30 hours journey to Puerto Montt, we had our first challenge when taking over our rented car as the service person from the rental car company spoke Spanish only. With taking 3 years of Spanish classes in order to be prepared for this moment, we handled the situation pretty well.

A short drive to the city of Puerto Varas later we finally arrived in Chile. We were welcomed with a clear view on the lake Llanquihue Lake, the second largest lake in Chile and the view on the Osorno Volcano and the snow capped peaks of Mt. Calbuco and Mt. Tronador.

Before we went to the waterfront, we first enjoyed the windy overview from our hotel. There we already felt the silence of this place.

When walking at the waterfront we saw the Museo Pablo Fierro, which reminded us a lot of Bavaria in Germany. As we later learned is that Puerto Varas actually was founded by German immigrants in 1853.

As the day was long we searched for a small nice restaurant (Quintal) in order to enjoy the first diner in Chile. With a nice view at the lake we enjoyed two big plates of meat and yummyness 🙂

Before crossing the next day to Argentina (Bariloche) we drove to the Saltos del Petrohue. The waterfall is inside the Vicente PĂ©rez Rosales National Park, in order to see the falls entry fees for the park needs to be paid as well as parking fees. Beside the falls, the park also offers different hiking paths.

For Germans it is funny to find German words in other countries, on the picture below “Kuchen“. This word was includes as Puerto Varas is known for traditional German dishes, especially Kuchen, which is celebrated on the annual Kuchen Day on the first Saturday of February.

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