Chile: Drive through the Torres National Park

Following our unforgettable time in El Calafate was the drive further to the Torres National Park in Chile. Also named Torres del Paine National Park or Parque Nacional Torres del Paine. The park is located in southern Chilean Patagonia and a 270 km drive from El Calafate. It is mainly known for the Cordillera del Paine the centerpiece of the park. After your short visited in 2015 we knew we wanted to stay this year for a longer time. For that reason we stayed for 4 full days in the park at the Hotel Las Torres Patagonia and Hotel Lago Grey. Doing day hikes and just enjoy this incredible place.

General tips:

  • park entry fee need to be paid by arrival in cash for all days you are planning to stay
  • a map of the park will be given with the entry ticket
  • the park offers several hotels (with restaurants, bars) and camp sides, as well as small supermarkets at the Hotel Las Torres Patagonia and the Lago Grey
  • there is no gas station in the park and the nearest gas station is in Puerto Natales (120 km away) – in case you self drive, bring a full gasoline canister
  • Tours for hiking, horse back riding, biking, driving through the park with a bus can be booked in every hotel (Hotel Las Torres Patagonia, Lago Grey etc.)
  • in general no tour is needed for hiking, the paths are well-marked
  • Day Hikes:

    • Mirador the las Torres – 18 km hike to see the 3 towers of the park. Is the most popular hike in the park and can be started at the Hotel Las Torres Patagonia
    • Cerro Paine – day hike that can be started at the Hotel Las Torres, which give another great view on the Cordillera del Paine.
    • Lago Nordenskjöld – was for us a 15 km hike, starting at the Hotel Las Torres.
    • Salto Grande – is a 2 km loop hike in order to see the Salto Grande.
    • Condor Lookout – Is a 4 km hike that starts at the Lago Pehoe Campsite and climbs 200 m to Mirador Condor. As it is included in the name we saw a lot of condors.
    • Isla de los Hielos – is 6 km hike to the beach of the Lago Grey which extends to the Isla de los Hielos. The hike can be started directly behind the Lago Grey hotel, which extend the hike with 3 more kilometers.
    • Mirador Ferrier – Is a short (8 km), steep hike to one of the most amazing view points I ever been in my life. Can also be started from the Lago Grey hotel.

Multi Day Hikes:

  • The W: Distance: 60-84 km and Duration: 4-5 days

  • The Circuit: Distance: 130 km and Duration: 7-9 days includes The W

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