Chile: Condor Lookout Hike

During our drive through the Torres National Park from Hotel Las Torres to the Lago Grey we stopped at the Lago Pehoe. The lake is in good weather already a photographers dream destination. In order to see more of the Lago Pehoe it is recommended to do the hike Condor Lockout.

The hike is a 4 km long and that starts at the Lago Pehoe Campsite and climbs 200 m to the Mirador Condor. The name of the trail already suggest what we saw in the sky: condors, sliding through the sky.

For us the hike was a bit scary because the day was particular windy. With reaching the peak point of the hike the wind got so strong that it lifted me up my feet.

The hike itself is uphill but easy and not particular steep. It can be done by everyone in 2 hours.

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