Chile: A surprising garden hike (Lago General Carrera)

Being back in the Mallin Colorado Ecolodge we relaxed a bit with coffee and small self-made cakes provided by our host. Still trying to figure out what went wrong in the morning, our host suggested we could do one of the hikes on their property in the garden. The weather was sunny and should not be wasted with negative thoughts, for that reason we thought why not. 

We saw the signs for the hikes, but we had no idea how long the hikes are and that they would turn out to be one of the nicest hike we did in Patagonia. We have been so focused on the Glacier hike that we ignored all the other things that this places had to offer.

The hike to the Miradores Ventisqueros started as a steep uphill track behind the main house. After the first kilometer it gave already an amazing view at the Lago General Carrera. With having a few benches in place – title picture – the hike also invite guests only to go the first meters to enjoy the view at the lake.

Guest who want to see more will pleased with a nice hike through a mystic wood after finishing the uphill part. Doing the whole hike is totally worth it, as the hike will give an amazing view on snow capped mountains after crossing the wood.

In case you go until the end, you will see even the Lago Bertrand on the other side. This hike was really magical and as it is on private property. There were no other people, and we could not have ended this day in any other way with being perfect. We had silence, solitude, amazing views, in an unreal beautiful mountain lake environment.

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