Chile: A stop over (Coyhaique)

After our amazing time in the Quelat NP and the Puyuhuapi Spa we continued our travel to the city of Coyhaique. The city was one of the biggest once we visit during our Patagonia Adventure and is mainly a hub to move forward to the unbelievable beautiful Lago General Carrera. As it has an airport is mainly used to get to the remote parts of Patagonia. The city itself was founded 1929 but the Carretera Austral road did not open until the 1980s, which connected the city. It is surrounded by the rivers Simpson and Coyhaique, as well as by mountains.

We mainly used the city for filling the car tank, getting money (there is no bank in Puerto Rio Tranquilo) and having some city life. Even that it is a bigger city, everything in the city center can be reach via foot.

But it is really true, when you get used to the silence every less than that will feel wrong. I already missed the sound of the waves at night, but soon enough we would have this sound back.

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