Chile: A hot spring with a view (Puyuhuapi Spa)

Usually I am not writing too much about Hotels we are staying but in case of Patagonia I have to make an exception. Last year we saw a documentary about German settlement in Patagonia, which included Puyuhuapi that was found in 1935 by two German immigrants.

Seeing this place in TV was unreal, being there was just a dream. But let me start from the beginning. After our first short visit in the Quelat NP we went to the small boat landing place of the Puyuhuapi Spa. In order to get to the Spa, a boat will pick you up from the one side of the fjord. It is not possible to drive to the Lodge itself. Be aware that there are 4 set times when the boat is leaving, special arrival times can be communicated forehand.

After a 10-minute boat ride, which was already unbelievable because of the amazing surrounding, we arrived at the other side. We were welcomed with a glass of campaign. Again: Can it get any better than this? 🙂 After the check-in we were brought to our amazing room with a unique view into the fjord.

After we got settle in our room we explored the outdoor hot springs, which are amazing. It is possible to choose between several outdoor pools, which have a temperature up to 38 degree. May to the low season, or we were just lucky, we had all pools to our-self. Image that: outside temperature 5 degree, pool temperature 38 degree and an incredible view on the snow-capped mountains that are surrounding this place.

If you are looking for peace and solitude, this is a special place to go to. Just hearing the waves of the water, seeing the clouds pass by over the mountains and follow an iconic sunset is worth to come to this place.

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