Pyrenees: Tips

General The Pyrenees is a mountain range in French, Spain and Andorra. Even that it is easier with speaking French and Spanish, it is also possible to get around with English. People are in general nice and try to help out as good as possible. In order to get to the area, the closest airports are Bilbao (Spain), Toulouse (France) or Barcelona (Spain). Transportation The easiest to go around in the…

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Norway: Driving Impression

Our road trip/hiking trip to Norway was already back in 2017. In the time in Norway we drove around for 2500 km in a time frame of 3 weeks. In the article about Norway I only focused on the National Parks (Jostedalsbreen, Jotunheimen and Rondane) and Hikes we did. But I never explained the real deal with driving in Norway. Let me cover this in this article about our experiences. Road…

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Madeira: A perfect winter escape

As this is year is all under the motto of exploring more of Europe and finding the beauty in our backyard, we started our first travel of the year to Madeira. This small island belongs to Portugal and is an all year destination. It has a high season between Mai and September and a low season between October and April. The temperature on the island is all year nearly the same,…

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Argentina/Chile: Best of Patagonia

Patagonia is a barely populated region located at the southern end of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile. It covers the area from San Carlos de Bariloche to Ushuaia.The most visited area is the cycle El Chaltén, El Calafate and the Torres National Park in the South. To see more remote areas it is worth to take more time and start the Patagonia adventure in Puerto Varas. With driving on…

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South Africa: Driving Impressions

Before coming to South Africa my picture for Africa was a lot of dirt roads and off-road driving. Even this might true for a lot of African countries it is not true for South Africa. The main percentage of the roads are paved and easy to drive. Having a non 4×4 drive is decent for almost every road. One big topic is the distances between places. It is easy to drive…

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La Réunion: Tips

GeneralLa Réunion is a French-speaking island, be aware that English are not spoken everywhere. People are in general nice and try to help out as good as possible. Most of the tourist on the island are french people.The island is small and easy for self driving. They have a good infrastructure, many signs in order to find places. Traffic information can be found on digital signs by the highway - all…

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South Africa: Tips

GeneralPeople are pretty nice and helpful. In order to approach someone always starts with "Hello, how are you?" and wait for the response before you get to your original question.South Africa is easy for self driving. It has a good infrastructure, big freeways and much space. Still make sure that you are fine with driving on the left-hand side. Clarens TransportationThe easiest way to go around in South Africa is by…

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Iceland: Tips

I traveled to Iceland already four times. In 2013 (Ring Road), 2014 (Laugavegurinn Trail),  2015 (Highlands) and 2017 (Westfjords). Even that I saw a lot of amazing places of this small island, I can not say that I am already finished. There are still places in the highlands that I want to discover. In one point of time I will be back. GeneralIt is easy to get around in Iceland with…

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Ireland: Tips

GeneralIt is easy to get around in Ireland with speaking English. Old castles and ruins can be found around every corner and driving along the Wild Atlantic Way is a dream. Cliffs of Moher TransportationIreland has a good infrastructure. The easiest way to go around is by renting a car. Direct pickup at the airport’s possible. With a car it is easier to come to the small more unknown places, because…

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