Slovenia: Day trip to Mangart

One day trip that can be done from Bovec is the 45 minutes drive to the Mangart mountain. The mountain is located at the border to Italy and is part of the Triglav National Park. Up to the view point leads a small winding paved road that is mostly single-lined. At the top three hiking trails are available that lead to the Mangart (Mangrt) - 2679 meters. The trails have different levels…

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Slovenia: Days in the Soča Valley

Welcome to BovecAfter driving from the Dolomites to Slovenia, we were greeted warmly by our apartment (Apartment Wallas) host in Čezsoča just outside Bovec. He showed us the rooftop apartment which had the best view into the Soča Valley - which I used so many times only to enjoy the silent and views into this beautiful valley. The host explained to me a couple of things to do in Bovec and…

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Slovenia: On the way to Slovenia

After our first few days in Italy, we made our way further to Slovenia. Going to Slovenia in the first place is funny story. For some reason I never had Slovenia on my bucket list. I had just no image of this beautiful country in my head. So one day in the office I came back to my computer and saw this great picture of the Julian alps on my locked…

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Italy: Why visit the Dolomites?

The Dolomites are worth visiting in all the season. Main seasons for winter sport is December to April, best season for hiking is September to October. In order to avoid the crowds try to stay away in August, as this is the summer holiday season in Europe. Let me give you some reasons why to visit the Dolomites. The beautiful mountains No matter which valley of the Dolomites you are choosing,…

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Italy: Mountain Love (Dolomites)

For me mountains always have been a place of peace. Just standing, sitting, hiking somewhere in the mountains and looking at the beauty of the peaks give me some kind of peace. Sunshine and blue skies helps as well ;) Enjoy here some view from the Val Gardena and Puster Valley in the Dolomites of Italy, which were taken in autumn (September/October time frame). (Click on the pictures to enlarge.)

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Italy: Hikes in the Val Gardena (Dolomites)

This year we decided to do a road trip in Europe, that should lead us to Italy and Slovenia. With spending time first in Val Gardena (Dolomites in Italy), then in Bovec (Soca Valley in Slovenia), Lake Bohinj (Slovenia) and the Puster Valley (Dolomites in Italy). Before we reach the Dolomites we had a ~500 km drive ahead of us, which took us 8 hours because of driving restrictions in Austria…

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Pyrenees: Tips

General The Pyrenees is a mountain range in French, Spain and Andorra. Even that it is easier with speaking French and Spanish, it is also possible to get around with English. People are in general nice and try to help out as good as possible. In order to get to the area, the closest airports are Bilbao (Spain), Toulouse (France) or Barcelona (Spain). Transportation The easiest to go around in the…

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Spain: We found paradise (Arinzué)

After our great hiking start in the France part of the Pyrenees we moved on to Spain, due to the changing weather conditions. One hour before we reached the Hotel Restaurante Lamiana, I could have sworn we need to sleep in the car with 4 degrees outside temperature. But with crossing from Fabian (France) - where all campsites were still closed - to the sunny 20 degree Spain, we got an…

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France: Welcome to the Pyrenees (A hiking heaven)

I cannot believe that we made it finally to the Pyrenees. We heard so much about it but it was never that high on our list that we actually made it there. Even that is not completely true, I been in the Andorra part of the Pyrenees when I was a teenager. Back then I did not care too much about the mountains, for that reason there was not too much…

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Germany: 3 Day Bike Packing (TransPfalz 2019)

View from the Luitpoldturm Day 1 - Hauenstein to RodalbenThe start of these years 3 day TransPfalz tour (bike packing in Palatinate) of the DAV was at the train station in Hauenstein. The MTB family contained Specialized, Kona, Radon, Bulls, Ghost, Canyon and Liteville. Included in the planned tour was 130 kilometers of riding, 2800 meter elevation and 12 hours on the bike.  The riding started over soft sandy soil covered…

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