Brazil: São Paulo Municipality

I got the chance to have a special tour in the state of São Paulo from local friends. I experienced the small nice local locations, restaurants my friends are usually going to and trips they take at the weekends.

The first impression I got from Brazil was on the ride from the airport of São Paulo to Campinas. It was actually much greener than I was expecting it to be.

First night we went out in a local beer bar, where it is recommended to order a side dish which is either way Coxinhas or Pastéis. Coxinhas is a fried ball usually filled with chicken and a  creamy cheese. Pastéis is fried as well and can be filled with cheese, beef, cod fish or other special offers the restaurant has on the menu. This kind of heavy dishes goes nicely with the strong beer you will usually get in Brazil. 

Águas da Prata is a small town that when visited at the weekend has a lot of food stands. We tried some local food, from which I can not recall the name but it had some sweet corn taste.

The area is close to a forest in which monkeys live. You could buy bananas and feed the animals.

Next on the road trip was Recanto Japonês. This place is a small Japanese garden which inhabitates monkeys that are playing in the trees. This place surprised me because it felt like being directly in the jungle by only hiking for a few minutes through the garden. Nice local hidden gem.

The most surprising thing on this trip were statuaries like the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro exist in several places in Brazil. One statue that I saw was the Mirante do Cristo in Socorro, which is impressive. In order to go to the statue take the lift up to the mountain. Up there you can have a nice view over the city and  the surrounding.

One more food recommendation is to try the sweet dish Brigadeiro which is a chocolate truffle made with condensed milk and covered in chocolate sprinkles.

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