Bangladesh: Start of the road trip – Chittagong

Chittagong was the start of our official road trip in Bangladesh. The trip was put together by Bangladesh friends of ours and a private travel agency. Our guide was perfect and gave us on a daily basis several options what we want to do in a certain areas and how long we want to stay. As Bangladesh do not have many western tourist or any touristic infrastructure it is best to get a driver and guide for a trip. English is not a language spoken outside of big cities.

Due to the fact that we stayed first a couple of days in Dhaka for a wedding, we flow from Dhaka to Chittagong. As flying in Bangladesh is still the fastest way to come around. At the airport in Dhaka we had already an interesting experience, as for the domestic flight there was no luggage belt and only a guy with a printed list. Nether the less, we made it to Chittagong and our luggage as well. Our guide was at the airport and the road trip could finally begin.

Our two weeks travel was put together as following Chittagong to the Bandarban District, Cox’s Bazar to St. Martins on a boat, on a steam boat to the Sundarbans, in the Sundarbans on a houseboat, Bagerhat and back to Dhaka.

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