Bangladesh: Boat trip in the Sundarbans

Bording the boat

The Sundarban Reserve Forest in Bangaladesh is the neighboring the Sundarbans National Park in India, which is a Tiger Reserve. The area is covered by mangrove forests, and is one of the largest reserves for the Bengal tiger. The best way to visit the Sundarban Reserve is by boat, for that reason we took a three days boat trip with Silver Wave Tours.

On board

The package included food and drinks. As the tour was not booked out, two people were sharing a four bunk bet cabin. Normally one room would hold 4 people, which would have been really tight. With only 2 people in the cabin we had space for our luggage on the empty beds.

The excursions

The trip included two early morning (6 am) optional silent boat trips by a country boat. The small boat went through  narrowed creeks to observe the wildlife. We saw a lot of birds, snakes on trees and apes.

On the second day a jungle and beach walk was offered. This was accompanied by a guide with a gun, in case of a tiger encounter. Even that we saw deer and wild boar, which were harmless, we had no luck in seeing a tiger.

But we were lucky in seeing a lot of tiger footprints in the sand of the beach. Even from baby tiger, so cute.

Besides the trips in the morning or afternoon, we were able to enjoy sunny weather on deck with a cup of tea and cookies. It was nice to see the fisher boats passing, the birds flying close to the boat and the sunsets. Just enjoying the slowness of the day passing by.

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