Bangladesh: 4 Day Wedding in Dhaka

Being invited to an Asian Wedding is a real special event. For that reason I followed invitation of a friends couples wedding to Dhaka. In order to get prepared for the wedding we stayed in Dhaka for one week. The wedding ceremonies itself took place over four days. The first days in the city we went for dress shopping, Sari and Shalwar kameez. As well as traditional shoes and bracelet’s, which needed to fit the dress. It was already a lot of fun to get prepared for the weeding, as the dresses are tailed for each person. At the day of the ceremonies we good makeup from friends of the bride, as we wanted to stick with traditional preparation.

The Ceremonies itself took place in 4 different locations in the city and hold 400 to 800 guests, as we are friends of the bride and groom we been invited to all ceremonies:

  • turmeric ceremony for the bride
  • turmeric ceremony for the groom
  • wedding ceremony from the bride family
  • Gaye Holud from the groom family
The turmeric ceremony begins with the Nandi mukh ceremony.  A priest or the eldest male family member requesting their holy spirits to bless the wedding couple. The ceremony is also called the yellowing ceremonies, as Bride’s friends and family apply turmeric paste on the bride (groom). In case you are not fast enough you will get some turmeric paste for our self. Besides the paste, the bride and groom get feed with sweets. Following the ceremony, dinner was served with traditional mutton biryani.

The wedding ceremony is arranged by the bride’s family. The groom, along with his friends and family arrived later in the evening. They needed to pay their way into the building.

All in all was the wedding a special event and really different from traditional western weddings. First of all the size (several hundreds of guests) is stunning. Seeing all the guest and the wedding couple in traditional bengali cloths was amazing. Just getting an inside in this different culture was an eye-opener to understand different religions better and have an open mind when it comes to everything that is outside of the country we are born into.

Bangladesh Wedding

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