Austria: Tannenheimer Tal

The Tannenheimer Tal in Austria is mainly known as a Ski Area, but has a lot of nice hikes to offer. We stayed in the small town of Haldensee. From there, it is possible to start a lot of hikes directly without the need to drive somewhere. It is also possible to hike and bike, in order to skip hiking the forest roads and get directly to the small hiking paths.

The Sprint awakes

As we visit at the mid/end of May, the sprint was still in flow and many early bloomer have been at the side of the hiking path. Forgot-me-not, snowdrops and other colorful flowers.

I am here for the food

In Austria the food at the huts are great, it should not be missed at a hiking day. No matter if you go for lunch, dinner or only for the sweets like Kaiserschmarrn or Apfelstrudel.

Hikes in the Tannenheimer Tal

Hikes that can be done from Haldensee:

  • Hike around the Haldensee
  • Hike up to the Krinnenalpe
  • Hike up to the Nesselwängler Edenalpe
  • Hiking up to the Adlerhost
  • Hike up to the Bergrestaurant Sonnenalm
  • Hike up to the Bad Kissinger Hütte

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