Argentina: What a view – Cerro Cristal Hike

After our morning at the Perito Moreno Glacier we wanted some more hiking, and we drove 65 km to the Cerro Cristal Hike. The drive itself took 90 minutes, in good conditions it can be done with a none 4×4 drive but with much rain the days before the road was muddy and made the drive adventures. The hike is located at the road 15 near the Lago Roca.

Before we started the hike we found this amazing lunch spot at the Lago Roca. We just drove towards the lake and parked the car in order to enjoy the amazing view. It was only us, the wind, the view and our lunch. What is there more to ask for. Sometimes it is hard to believe how beautiful, silent and calm this world could be.

After lunch, we drove a bit further on the road 15 to the start of the Cerro Cristal hike. There is a small sign on the left side of the road and a small parking lot on the right side of the road. There was no other car and on the whole hike we only met 2 other guys.

The hike is not really technically challenging, neither it is long but it is really steep. For me sadly it was a bit too much, with not having walking sticks. For that reason we only hiked until the forest and not all the way to the Cerro Cristal.

Nevertheless, we had amazing views on the Lago Roca and Lago Argentino, including the Perito Moreno Glacier and the amazing mountain range. Even if hiking all the way is not an option, just hiking up parts already show the beauty of this amazing landscape from another perspective. We even saw a few condors in the sky. Which is really impressive, as these animals are sliding with the wind over our heads.

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  1. Hadar

    Hi Sandra!
    Do you think the trek is possible with a baby on a carrier?

  2. sandra

    Hi Hadar,

    the hike is not technical challenging. There is no difficult terrain but it is a really steep hike. In case your fitness level allows it to carry even more weight with you the hill up, I guess it would be fine.
    Nether the less I would only recommend the first part. Starting near the forest it got so steep that it could get real tricky with a carrier.

    Hope this helps.

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