Argentina: First view on the amazing El Chaltén

Until this article, I thought I will write a whole article about the fact that we got stuck for one day  in Gobernador Gregores because of the general strike in Argentina. But instead I will tell a story about how we saved 6 Chinese tourist from getting stuck on the road and how to get over things if not everything works out. Our day started in Lago Posadas with a really long drive ahead of us to El Chaltén. 20 km before Gobernador Gregores we stopped at the ruta 40 in order to help Chinese tourist that had an empty gasoline tank. As we were prepared and had a full canister in our car we could help them out. We thought we totally made their day and did a wonderful act. Together we drove to the next town. Only to find out that due to the general strike in Buenos Aires all gas stations in the country were shut down until midnight.

So what can you do, if you have only 5 liters of gasoline left and still 300 km to drive. The only reasonable, search for a hotel room and wait for the next day. And this is what we did at the end. Also, to the fact that the main road to El Chaltén (ruta 40) was closed due to bad weather conditions and that we had to take the 180 km longer route over the ruta 27 anyway. We ask for an adventure, here we are.

The next day we woke up around 5 am and drove to the gas station, as said the day before the strike was over, and we got gasoline. Without waiting any minute more we started our drive towards El Chaltén. Even that the drive was long, 380 km in 7 hours, we’ve been lucky to see an amazing sunrise with an awesome red sky.

And if the weather god had known that we really deserved it, the sky was so clear that when we pulled on the road 23 at the Lago Viedma we started to have the most amazing view on the mountains.

The drive towards El Chaltén is 88 km and the street is so straight that you can see how the mountains coming closer with every kilometer.

To see El Chaltén like that is really rare, but we’ve been so lucky that we had this view for 2 days. Normally it is more likely in February or March but not in September. I never image that the area would be that beautiful and believe me when I say, in real life it is even more impressive. Definitely do not only go there for a day or a day trip from El Calafate, it is worth to stay there for 3 or 4 days to do different hikes.

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