Argentina: More than beautiful – El Calafate

Our official first travel day in South America led us to El Calafate. It is a town near the edge of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field in Argentina. In order to get there from Chile we needed to cross the border to Argentina. This was the first lesson where we learned why it is essential to speak Spanish in South America. 

As we already learned in Punta Arenas at the car rental, English is not a language that is used to be spoken in neither Chile nor Argentina. In general, people are helpful and understand English but all the answers you will get are in Spanish. In order to travel individually in South America be aware that you need to understand Spanish and speak at least some basics.

Be aware that you need to pay a toll fee in Argentina in order to drive there. You can pay the toll fee during border crossing. Self driving in Chile and Argentina in the area of Patagonia is safe, even that it is not most popular for foreign tourists. The majority uses long distance buses or a travel agency in order to get around.

In El Calafate we had two perfect dinners in “Parrilla Don Pichon” and “La Tablita”. We went for steaks and red wine. The service was amazing and in the “Parrilla Don Pichon” the view was magnificent as well. Even that in South America dinner usually does not start before 9:30 pm, try to go to this restaurant when it is still bright in order to enjoy the view.

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