Argentina: A beautiful hidden gem (Lago Posadas)

Following our amazing stay at the Lago General Carrera we drove along the lake on the 265 towards Chile Chico. Which was a really beautiful but really bumpy ride. We had 3 hours full of dreamlike views on the lake and the mountains and took every stop we could in order to enjoy the last views on the lake. After a quick border crossing to Argentina we drove again on ruta 40 towards Lago Posadas.

We had zero expectation towards Lago Posadas, and we mostly only took the place as a placeholder in order to drive further to the hiking paradise of El Chaltén on the next day. We could not have been any more wrong. Lago Posadas was amazing. Before we could realize this we had to take a 70 km long dirt road towards Lago Posadas, which is in the middle of nowhere.

In the town we stayed in the Hosteria La Posada Del Posadas, which was run by one of kindest and informative host ever. In the Hosteria lobby there are several showcases with geological findings of the area by the host’s father. He explained to us the volcanic background of the area and how the Patagonian Ice-field shaped the landscape. The dinner included a really nice history lesson of the area.

In the morning of the next day we drove to the Lago Posadas and saw the unique nature for our self. The road 39 brought us directly to the beach. The landscape was covered with bride green and red color. Which looked somehow unreal and out of place but could be explained with the geological background of the area.

In order to hike in the place and discover more, it is recommended to stay for 2 or 3 days. The town of Lago Posadas does not have a bank or ATM. The town has a gas station which only accept cash, no credit card payment possible. Same is true for the restaurant in town. In order to enjoy this unique place, come prepared.

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