Argentina: A beach for ourself (Lago Puelo National Park)

On our way from Bariloche to Futaleufú we made a stop in the beautiful Lago Puelo National Park. The park is located near El Bolsón and totally worth a visit. In our case we had the whole beach at the Lago Puelo for our-self. Just sitting at the beach, enjoying the waves of the lake with the amazing view was worth the drive.

The main motto of this adventure was “Can it get any better than this?” and the answers was always yes. It didn’t matter how much natural beauty we already saw, we found even more in every day of travel.

Some Tips:

  • entry fee are 280 Argentine Peso per foreign person (to be paid in cash)
  • the ticket is valid for 2 days
  • the park includes hiking paths and picnic areas
  • it is worth to stay there for 1 or 2 full days, in order to give this place justice
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