Abu Dhabi: Stranded for one Day

On our way to Bangladesh our airplane had to make an emergency landing on an airport in the middle of the desert. After waiting for two hours that the ongoing sandstorm will pass, your flight moved on to Abu Dhabi. There we missed your flight to Dhaka, which gave us an opportunity to explore Abu Dhabi for a half a day.

We took a cap to visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the Marina Mall. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the largest mosque in the country. It has nice, detailed structures on the walls and floors. There is a dress code to follow in order to be able to enter the Mosque. Women will get a cape to cover hair, arms and legs. Men just can enter the Mosque. 

From the Mosque we took a cap to the Marina Mall. This is one of the biggest Mall in Abu Dhabi which is located close to the Emirates Palace. The city is modern and only 150 km away from Dubai.

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