Welcome to my blog for travel and outdoor. Nice to see you here.

My name is Sandra. I am a world traveler from Germany who wants to see as much of the world as possible during my vacation time. On weekends, I go outside for activities like hiking and mountain biking.

My travel includes over 40┬á countries visited over the last 10+ years. In my blog you will see a part of it. When I was in my 20s I traveled a lot with friends, mostly with travel agency and bigger tourist groups. Nowadays in my 30s I travel with my husband, and we try to find alternative ways to get to know a country deeper and not just wander on the touristic beaten paths. Mostly the travels are organized completely by myself, which takes a lot of preparation time. There is always a way to find hidden gems and uncrowded places, sometimes behind a corner, sometimes after hours of hiking. Never think that the easiest way is the best, without any pain we can aspect much gain ­čÖé

When speaking about my travels I often hear that I have been everywhere already and if there is a place left I want to go. In my point of view this is not right, even that I saw already many amazing places in the world, there are so many dreams open for me. Here at my blog I want to inspire, with my passion for travel and outdoor, more people to see the world for its beauty. Hope you can take away ideas of places to see and visit next, have an open mind for new countries, places, traditions and people. In case of question for a particular place feel free to reach out to me. The next time something holds you back, think about the quote:
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. ” – MARK TWAIN
All article and tips are based on my personal experience and history I took away by traveling the places described.
Life is what we choose it to be... (Chile)
Climbing included at the Schrammsteine (Germany)

About this Blog

I found outdoorsandra mainly to blog about our Trip around the world, which we planned for 2020. As this had to be put on hold for the future, I took the chance to write down some of our past and present adventures around the world. Find here some of your adventures listed:

Dream Views from Austria
Picos de Europa
Hiking in the Picos de Europa National Park
Muzske Kameny
Muzske Kameny
Hike in Andalusia
Hike in Andalusia