Germany: 3 Day Bike Packing (TransPfalz 2019)

Day 1 – Hauenstein to Rodalben

The start of these years 3 day TransPfalz tour (bike packing in Palatinate) of the DAV was at the train station in Hauenstein. The MTB family contained Specialized, Kona, Radon, Bulls, Ghost, Canyon and Liteville. Included in the planned tour was 130 kilometers of riding, 2800 meter elevation and 12 hours on the bike. 

The riding started over soft sandy soil covered with roots, stones and forest fruits. Our first highlight of the day was the Luitpoldturm  after 10 km, which invited us to a spectacular overview of the endless forest of Palatinate.

After 20 more kilometers we arrived at the Winschertfelsen Merzalben, which are a typical landscape shape in the area. It is called the rock land for a reason.

The day ended after 42 kilometers with 740 meter elevation gain in the Hirschberghaus with a cold beer and typical Palatinate food.

Day 2 – Rodalben to Eppenbrunn

The second day of riding starting with as good weather as the first day ended. Before we started in the riding part of the day we did morning gymnastics including Tai Chi for right breathing and loosing up exercises for the muscles.

With the right attitude we started into the flow, partially blocked, narrow, covered with thick dry leaves decent. The three highlight of today’s ride where the Felsenwanderweg Trail, Schillerwand and a 7 Kilometers long Flow Trail. After 40 kilometers and 850 meter elevation the tour ended at the Hohe List Hut, which is a Hut with no car access – except for the stuff. 

Day 3 – Eppenbrunn to Hauenstein (Dahn)

The morning for me started with a short hike near the Hohe List Hut. I just wanted to catch the amazing feeling to wake up in the middle of the forest with no street, car or civilization nearby. Just enjoying the fresh air, the birds singing and the amazing green color of the forest.

After the best breakfast I ever had on hut including scrambled eggs and other local specialties we started our riding of Day 3 directly on a trail behind the Hut. Sadly the last day ended for me after 20 kilometers at the Dahner PWV Hut due to heavy knee pain. “Time stands still for no one” and with that said we need to accept that we all get older and the body sometime overrules the mind. Nether the less the whole 3 days been challenging, exhausting, painful but totally amazing and I would every do it again.

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